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Oh my....I was highly disappointed by my generation last night. HIGHLY! I knew it was bad...but this is REALLY bad. I honestly don't think I could or would go back to public school if this is how everyone there is. AAAAAAAAAAH, LOSERS!!#!$#%^r*&(
Let me elaborate...
My ongoing nemesis Gianna AKA Hoseph McProstyPants who was known for wearing simpy miniskirts, halter tops, and thongs since the age of ELEVEN. The one who cornered me and attempted to molest me SEVERAL times as she flashed cars in the wee hours of the night. Yes, THAT one...well, she's turned wannabe. Now kids, the word "poser" isn't in my vocabulary because it's a dumb word and I don't like words that start with "P" in general aside from Pepsi, so Wannabe should fit the description. After 12 and a half preppy years full of "ohmigod"s and "like totally"s, she has turned into a Hot Topic fueled wannabe-machine. She is the reason I only shop there in the clearance section and only on very rare occasions. I was dressed like myself and she was dressed like an exact copy straight outta the anti-conforming but already conformed mold. IDIOT! As she sported her Emily Strange shirts (who started this? ME! That's right! Who thankfully grew out of them as soon as the monster named Gianna put one on? ME, THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!) paired with her dangly, and bejeweled, skull earrings she complemented the clothes I've worn for a quite a while. The clothes I wore way back when she called me a POSSESSED FREAK just last HALLOWEEN. Now, what was that, 3 maybe 4 months ago? Yeeeeeeeah. Her words, along these lines, made me cringe "Ohmigod, you're pants are AWESOME!" Me-"Uhh..thanks, I made them myself......" Gianna"Wow! I totally wish I was that creative!" Me- "It's not that hard........" She continued to say "totally awesome" and "sooooooooo cool" as I was tempted to take off my pants on the spot because I felt so disgusted that she liked them to the point of her wanting to wear them. I was wearing my Sex Pistols shirt and she gasped and squealed "OOOOOOOOOH! The Sex Pistols! Wow, Awesome, sooo Coool!". Later into the forced conversation she asked, now I don't remember exactly which one it was but it was definately one of these two. She either said "Ever heard of the Ramones?" Or "Ever heard the Ramones" Both of which are VERY dumb questions. Who HASN'T heard OF the Ramones or heard a Ramones song at least once? MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was tempted to ask her what her favorite song was by the Ramones just to prove the fact thatshe only brought it up in the conversation to look cool and that she had never actually listened to the Ramones....I guess I'm mean like that. Later as I stood in the hallway of Rachel's house Gianna kept talking and talking and talking, it seemed like it would never end. Rachel and I cornered her in the bathroom and forced her to explain, in POLITE conversation, why she made such a quick and hard to believe style change. She explained how she hates "preppies" (what?) and wanted to kill all the "preppies". Rachel added that if that was the case she should've killed herself a couple months ago. She got mad....As Casey and I started beating eachother up for fun Gianna started talking a little louder and tried to get my attention about how she always playsher music loud in her headphones in class "LyKe PiNk FlOyD aNd StUff" eejjjjit! I don't know about other people, but I think this new surge of kids my age liking Pink Floyd and GNR is just evidence of them trying to hard to be "classic-rock-cool". It is getting annoying! And my OTHER nemesis, the super white girl Rapper with a man face named Laney who had a hatred for rock music just a few months prior has supposedly attempted to turn around to. She brags about her "super cool" black nail polish. BIG DEAL YOU IDIOT. She made fun of my music this summer and told me how it all sucked as she attempted to shake her sad little 12 year old white girl booty to Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Sad or what?
Maybe I'm just overanalyzing. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood. I don't care what it is, these girls annoy the crap outta me and I hope they go back to their old ways. I never thought I would BEG someone to be a prep. But Gianna JUST GO BACK! NOBODY BELIEVES YOU!! You don't even believe you!!! Am I this bad? Do I look like this to other people? I don't think I look this dumb!
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