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Well well well, looky here.... stuff
Yeah, yesterday (I think it was yesterday) the weather was CRAZY! Sunny and nice in the beginning then it rained, then it rained HARD, then it hailed like friggin snow bullets. I was outside for whole entire latter half of the crazy weather due to my own curiosity and the fact that I was almost locked out of my own house by the wind... Let me explain:
I was home by myself and it started to rain heavily. So I thought it was time to bring Nikki in the garage. So, I head out to the garage, well first the garage light isn't working and the attic entrance creeps me out so I had to open the garage door a little less than a foot for light. Ok, I was fine. Well I opened the side garage door and hollered for Nikki while the rain blew right at me for about five minutes until I realized the side yard gate was closed and had been for days. So I, in a tank top, pajama shorts, and barefoot, go out into the rain. I'm forced to kick over a cinderblock and yank open the fence and stand there for ANOTHER five minutes while Nikki takes her sweet time meandering over to me. As she finally heads over and we're about two inches from the side garage door the elements turn on me and a sudden gust of wind blows the door shut and it automatically locks!!! All the doors are locked, I'm home alone, Mom is in SF and I don't know when she's gonna be back, and I'm in the OPPOSITE of what I should be wearing in such weather. What am I forced to do? Go out front and crawl underneath the garage door. Less than a foot open. I kept having images pop up in my head of it just letting loose and smashing me but I thought it would be better to risk that than to wait outside for up to an hour for mom to get home...After I dragged myself across the garage floor I could finally reopen the side door and let Nikki in. Ordeal over. AAAAAAAH!
Anyways...tomorrow I might get my hair cut. I don't know how but I'm getting bored with my boring boring head. My friends are NOT very supportive *coRACHELugh* but I HAVE TO DO sooooooomething. I need new clothes. I've realized in the past couple days that I only have two outfits, well three if I combine the two...That's sad. I'm not THAT poor.
I'm going to church tomorrow. HEEHEE. Aren't I special? Is it wrong that I use a place of worship for my own social needs? Not the needs of befriending them but the need to watch them as if they're zoo animals and laugh as I taunt them with peanuts. That's sick in itself, haha. BUT if I pee in the holy water will it still be holy? But if the church isn't catholic and I really need to pee where do I go then?!?!
I'm tired..........and now I do need to pee
Oh and Jessica, Rancid isn't gonna be at this year's warped tour I think...
-Evil Emily
P.S. There was an asassination(sp?) attempt on Bush...need I say more?
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