Mayhew Shambles (emilystrange13) wrote,
Mayhew Shambles

I stayed home from school today because I am SICK.
I say it's karma for ditching on monday and saying I was sick...

But anyways.
I rolled out of bed at 9 this morning only to have my all-important morning pee disrupted by the cover of my sister's issue Disney Channel Magazine or whatever...

This show Hannah Montana stars this girl (12?) and it is so sad that they make her look like an adult.
She doesn't even have boobs yet!!!!!
She wears more makeup than myself and my mom combined. Seriously! Just look at her head (with her overdone and pound of lipstick) How old would you think she is? 22? Nope. She's like TWELVE!!! ICKY
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It really makes me sad. PLUS the poor girl's real dad is Billy Ray mofuggin Cyrus (singer of ACHEY BRAKEY HEART)
So. She is going to be MASSIVELY fucked up.
On a final note: every picture I find of her in Sammi's magazine has her mouth open all child pornography like..icky...
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